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Shredding bodies one at a time

Who We Are


Body Elite Connecticut

Body Elite started seven years ago in a park in New Britain, Connecticut. It had no name at the time but I was focused on building better bodies through fitness. Through daily training with a small group of 7 clients who collectively dropped almost 300 pounds, the training started to branch out.

I started out training everyone and then moved into more specialized training, focusing primarily on people who wanted to lose body fat and not just drop weight. I also wanted to educate people on the difference between the two things and make them more self-sufficient in their fitness journey.

Now we are able to branch out more and service everyone who has specific needs in their life. Whether it be specific nutritional needs through our coaching platform which teaches you how to make healthy habits, to those who are interested in becoming better athletes, as well as the mother or father who just want to fit into last summer's shorts and have more energy to run around with their children.

Most of our staff have been through the same issues you have, from yo-yo dieting to emotional eating to falling off the wagon with our workouts. It happens to the best of us. But it also helps us be more empathetic to the daily struggles that you face with your fitness journey and it allows us to make even more fine tuned changes to help you make your body elite.




Body Elite Connecticut

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Month to Month Commitment

  • Weekly check-ins
  • Weight
  • Pictures
  • Measurements
  • Custom nutritional coaching


Save $25



  • No monthly contract on private training.
  • Macro breakdown
  • Weekly check-ins
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  • 3 times a week
  • $25 per extra session
  • Nutritional coaching

"Heighten your level of fitness"